The companies served were M/s Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd Noida, M/ s Sudhir Power Projects Gurugram, Minwool Rock Fibres Ltd Hyderabad, ISJAC-Noida, Ravi Power-Noida etc.

The prestigious projects handled with these companies are Chandigarh Airport Generator Room accosting Insulation work. Various Projects of Delhi Jal Board under M/s Triveni. Various Turbine and piping Insulation Insulation  projects of BHEL Haridwar and Hyderabad under M/s Minwool Hyderabad. Ambuja Cement Insulation Project at Darla Ghat in Himachal Pradesh irrespective that the company had executed too many projects of Boiler Insulation,  Piping Insulation, building insulation and waterproofing works for many clients.

While moving ahead in Insulation business the firm M/S Krihsna Enterprises had entered in Interior and Finishing works of renovation of NORWAY Embassy in New Delhi in 2015. The company had executed various work of wall Insulation, False Ceiling Interior work, Flooring work etc.

Since then, the company had executed various projects of Interiors in Delhi NCR and posted a steady growth for last five years and transformed now in a new name M/s HADRIAN INFRA PVT. LTD. on August 18, 2020 with a net worth of Rs. 10.00 Lacs (Ten lakhs) in M/s HADRIAN INFRA PVT. LTD. We have also expanded our activities in Fabrication work in continuation to all our Interiors work and Insulation works.